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Buying So Much For So Little Discount

While at a supermarket today there was a deal for these box of chocolates where if you purchased ten boxes of chocolate you would get one for free. The boxes were literally like the ones you would find at the checkout counter except of course in this case you are buying a whole box of it. Individually the boxes didn’t seem to be at a sale price or anything. Considering each box was like $20 each, spending $200 to get $20 seems too little to me.

It’s a little different than say a promotion where it’s along the lines of you spend $200 on anything and get $20 back as I am sure a lot of people could stock up on monthly needs to make that quota. I usually don’t think volume discounts like these are a good deal unless the item itself in individual purchase are on sale. For example, it’s not uncommon in this case to see those boxes of chocolate go down to like $15 each.

Unless you are running a business where you need to buy that much in a day then that is different. In that case though if you need that much I would wonder why you wouldn’t simply go to a specialty store and buy loads of the product that are priced more appropriately for wholesale buyers.

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