Buying Products In Hopes Something Will Work

Buying Products In Hopes Something Will Work

This got me thinking as recently I was just flossing my teeth as usual and for some reason the dental floss I was using started to rip apart in use which meant little pieces got stuck between my teeth. I tried to get it out with a new floss but it seemed to be jammed in pretty tight. So quickly looking for solutions, everything I read suggested one of those floss threads which I have used before when I had braces. At the store I found that and I also saw some stronger pieces of floss on a handle which I thought may work too. So I bought both them.

When I got back home I first tried the thread solution. It actually didn’t work as even though I got the floss between my teeth above, the jam was too strong it seems and I couldn’t push it down. In fact, it felt like the floss was getting ripped again too. I then tried the strong floss on the handle and that didn’t even seem to work. So kind of a waste of money huh? In reading for more solutions it was suggested that those wax floss may help. I have used those before which seemed very premium.

So hopefully that work tomorrow as I go buy that. While this was only a few dollars, imagine all the time we do this in hopes of finding a solution to a problem. It makes you wonder if it is just better to just pay an expensive fee for a professional like say a dentist in this case from the start. Then again, if this ends up working then I walk away with money saved plus I learned how to deal with the situation in the future.

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