Buying Cheap Gifts For Less Pressure
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Buying Cheap Gifts For Less Pressure

I noticed something the other day as I gave a family a present where the value was about $100 or so. A lot but I thought it would benefit them and be a nice Christmas gift. I then found out that because they knew the value of it they felt pressured to try and get me something in return of equal value. That kind of defeats the purpose of just giving people gifts because you want to huh? Especially in these situations where you often want to give the less fortunate stuff they couldn’t normally afford if you have the ability to do so.

Kind makes me think, would you ever give people cheap gifts to avoid a situation like this where the recipient will feel the need to spend an equal value item on yourself to the point where it’s kind of putting them in the same situation as if they bought it themselves? This isn’t like a situation where you can remove the price tag off a generic item like a box of candy too.

Sometimes is easier to shop for a kid huh in the sense of they won’t usually even think of the monetary value of the item.

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