Buying Canned Goods Just In Case of A Food Shortage or Not
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Buying Canned Goods Just In Case of A Food Shortage or Not

With a lot of talk on how food shortages will be a thing potentially soon it makes you wonder should you start to gradually stock up on canned goods now so that if it does happen you won’t be scrambling to find food to buy? For example, canned tuna or even items like jarred pickles should usually last a long time. It’s not the first thing most people would normally think of stocking up, but if it does happen then you will be in a better position.

I am almost thinking financially it would be a no loss situation where if you see a great deal and buy a ton of them to stock up you can always use it eventually as it won’t go to waste. The consequence of not being prepared is way worst. Can you imagine if something like a simple can of tuna was priced at say $5 a can? I can’t say it won’t ever happen as you saw how crazy people got with things like toilet paper.

Funny enough though, I usually stock up on great deals if I see any such as certain food items because you will use it eventually. As well, if you are stocked up then you have more flexibility to jut wait for the next great sale. But as of now I am debating if I should just buy more than usual just in case.

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