Business of Selling Hopes And Dreams

Business of Selling Hopes And Dreams

I’ve discussed about this topic many times with people and today I was listening to a rather awkward conversation of a person that makes great money selling tickets to his motivational seminars. Basically, everything was outlined on why he makes so much money from these and the business reasons behind it. For example, he knew that most people that buy your products and kits at the those conventions will do absolutely nothing with it and so it is almost a pure profit type of thing.

There was even then a “psychic” that openly admitted to just spewing out random happenings for people who were looking for some answers and saying how if people are that gullible enough to pay him money to do so then that is a business that he shouldn’t ignore. The main justification was that what they do is no different than people spending money on like a movie as they go there for an escape of sort.

The main part of that business that I am personally not too fond of are those that use belittling tactics to get money from people. Example, it’s like that convention I went to awhile back out of curiosity where I was definitely one of the people who was not in debt but the speaker kept trying to insist that everyone in that room had things like major credit card debt and therefore needed his products. A little devious in my view.

Is it admirable that they found a sustainable way to generate a profit or would you condemn someone for it? It’s almost like a debate on how some magicians openly say that what they do is purely for entertainment using tricks whereas some actually try to seriously claim and make you believe that they have super natural powers. I guess like that if the second person was asking for money I wouldn’t be too fond of it.

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