BMO Phishing Scam With PDF
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BMO Phishing Scam With PDF

What an interesting twist to a common phishing scam e-mail when it comes to banks. Nowadays a lot of people are smarter when to it comes to suspicious e-mails where crooks attempt to trick you into believing you are receiving an official company e-mail in hopes you will give up personal information. You can easily check to see if the links are legit just by hovering over it as an example in many cases.

But this one was interesting. These scammers actually attached a message claiming you have a pdf to read. I automatically knew it was a scam and would normally delete it. But I was curious to see what was inside. This is how the e-mail starts:

Dear BMO Banking User:

In order to complete your future transactions, please read this important information attached in this email on how to verify your account on the new BMO Online Banking platform. To ensure a smooth transition, we may request to verify information specific to your account.

We thank you for your cooperation.

BMO | Cash Management Help Desk | Canada Division

Afterwards they hope you will open the pdf file. To be safe I basically used a program to turn the pdf into a jpg and you can see there is a link in the pdf that they hope you will click. Tricky little guys huh? So if you get something like this just delete it.

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