Best Buy Used Product Is More Than A New One
Funny and Insane Prices

Best Buy Used Product Is More Than A New One

So today while going around the local Best Buy store I was looking at the home phone prices. I was looking for a combo where you can get a regular landline one as well as a cordless one which should be a good combo. I then saw what appeared to be the same Vtech product but they both had different prices. At first glance it seemed obvious as to why as one was tagged as open box.

But that’s the thing. The open box was actually more expensive than the new one. As you can see, the open box was tagged at $62.99 where the brand new one could be bought for $49.98. Why in the world wouldn’t you get the new one? My best guess is that the open box price tag was generated with an old higher price and no one bothered to change it.

I suppose it makes for an interesting pricing display though. Or maybe that is actually a sales technique to get people to buy it where they think they are getting a bargain as a result.

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