Being Too Patient For Company Service

Being Too Patient For Company Service

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I was thinking today as I shipped a piece of equipment back to a manufacturer about two months ago and they have yet to send it back to me. I am not in a rush so for the most part I didn’t feel like I needed to rush them. However, each time when about three weeks had passed without a response I would e-mail them to get a status check. It would seem shortly after that they would give me a response that it is now ready for the next step.

For example, at first they needed to analyze the item to see what would need repair and as a result quote me the appropriate amount. Like there I would get no response for over three weeks and as soon as I sent a message they would then get back to me with a quote. When they gave me the invoice I actually paid it right away. Sure enough, another three weeks went passed and I got no response. So I sent them another message now and am waiting.

Kind of makes you wonder where in these cases should you be extremely hands on every day and making sure the business is actually processing your request? Especially if you are paying them money. Sometimes I almost think it is necessary as a consumer. I suppose I have a little bias where I tend to be understanding and thinking of it as if I ran the business. You wouldn’t want people nagging you when you are doing everything you can as an example. Then again, you can’t assume all businesses operate like yourself with the same work ethic and care.

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