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Being Too Nice To Competitors

I was looking at a scenario where there was one organization that pretty much dominated the entire area in terms of market share. Virtually every competitor that has went up against them in an aggressive manner has failed. The funny thing was that the main competitors that were getting anywhere were as a result of them going a different route and trying to get on their good side. Interestingly enough, the dominating company would let its guard down as a result and would actually lose market share that way.

Strange when you think about it as they work so hard to keep it against aggressive people but when it comes to people that act nice to them they don’t even think that they are just another competitor using different tactics. I suppose that is like the example of how you need to try and separate your personal feelings towards people when it comes to business decisions.

A lot of people actually suggest that strategy as well if you are trying to enter into a market that is dominated by a big player where you should try to get on their good side and then slowly take their market share that way. Like some say, watch your back I suppose.

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