Being Too Embarrassed To Ask For A Price Match
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Being Too Embarrassed To Ask For A Price Match

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Usually when you walk into most stores nowadays there is some kind of sign mentioning how they will beat competitor’s price if you find it cheaper elsewhere. This should give you the peace of mind that you are getting the best deals. This isn’t too hard as usually during the checkout you can show the cashier the competitor’s flyer and just like that they will match the price. Depending on the store they may even beat it by an extra 5% or so.

But funny enough most people in these situations are hesitant to ask for the price match knowing there are other people around them and watching. I guess for many going through extra steps to save a few dollars seems kind of socially embarrassing as if you are picking up pennies from the ground. So with that in mind most people just skip it and pay more. Kind of makes you think, does it really matter what others think in these cases?

It’s almost no different than people who spend way over than what they actually have in an effort to look rich I guess you can say. Or the common example is going out with friends where if you don’t start buying a bunch of junk food as you go in a carefree way then that makes you look cheap and poor. To me I have always just focused in doing what’s best and makes sense for what I need and want. Eventually people get used to it and there are even times now where people just say what I am doing is the smarter choice by not wasting money.

I find too in supermarket scenarios people are usually fascinated when you go through little extra steps to save more money. Some even ask how I found those deals in the first place. Nothing to be embarrassed about if at the end of the day you don’t need to stress about your finances.

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