Being Told It’s Expensive While Seeing Cheaper Prices
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Being Told It’s Expensive While Seeing Cheaper Prices

Lately my brother and I have been thinking of buying my mom an adjustable bed as it seems like she is at that age where she needs better support for her neck and back. Having a lot of pillows doesn’t seem to be doing the trick and she even mentioned herself that an adjustable bed would be nice but they are expensive. Even my brother was telling me that they are in the excess of $2000.

For me I swore that I have seen this stuff for under $1000 and as you can see here out of some quick searches I was able to find some that were priced like that. Because I was originally told it should cost a lot more it makes me so paranoid to try and figure out why the item is so cheap than what most expect. For example, is the quality bad? Is there a lot of add-ons you would need to purchase? I didn’t do a thorough research for this, but my initial guess is that price is based on business volume purchases as an example. Maybe it’s just name brand too.

Either way, never just settle for people telling you that certain things are always expensive as there are always deals to be found.

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