Being Rewarded For Holding Out Shopping All Year Long
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Being Rewarded For Holding Out Shopping All Year Long

It’s around that time where companies start throwing out deals in anticipation for Black Friday as a lot of people are in a spending mood. I know every year various companies that I buy tools and resources from have a sale where I could literally save over 60% off the regular price as long as I can hold out until about this time of the year. This isn’t small change either as a regular purchase could easily be almost $800 which would drop to about $300 now.

As expected, I started getting a lot of notices about the sales and I was just thinking how it paid off to hold out. I find at times I tend to try and stretch out available resources if possible in order to procrastinate having to plunge and make the purchase so that I ca take advantage of the deals. For example, all the work produced in the year can take up a lot of hard drive space where if I really needed I then I don’t really have a choice but to pay full retail for additional storage. However, holding off until this time if possible is when I would stock up to save a lot of money.

The more I think about it this habit actually makes you plan out your finance and resources for the year in hopes to get the most out of your dollar. People often do it for food such as saving canned goods for the winter. This same principle can apply for tools and resources that you frequently need for your work as well.

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