Being Labelled As No Fun To Save Money
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Being Labelled As No Fun To Save Money

Recently here there seemed to have been a decision to not have a fireworks display for Canada Day which is making a lot of people label the city as a no fun zone which has been a frequent criticism here. The reason to not have it is usually due to items such as money. A lot of people feel you should have it still as it is once a year.

That got me thinking though for one’s personal life people often spend more money than they can’t simply because they don’t want to be labelled as a no fun person. So one would then dine out at expensive restaurants or purchase expensive event tickets to avoid that social stigma. When I think about it for myself, people have known that I am only willing to spend a lot of money on say events and entertainment if I think it is worth it. Just randomly spending one hundred dollars on a dinner is not my idea of fun and people actually don’t label me as no fun even though they would for others.

I think it comes down to how they see my investments and attitude translates into other things that they can clearly see value in. For example, the reason why I can have say this high tech drone is because I’d rather buy stuff like that which has long term value. Therefore, people would feel weird if they label me as such but then realize how odd that is when they see the things I invest into.

Ultimately in my mind, in many cases people could label you as such to peer pressure you to spend more money than you can and that is never the way to go in my opinion.

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