Being Dependent On A Service Provider To Run Your Business

Being Dependent On A Service Provider To Run Your Business

I was testing out all this AI stuff recently there were a couple times I thought where I could easily create side business projects with this where the AI would do most of the work. It could create and edit all the content where ultimately I just need to pre-screen it before publishing the item. So what reason is there not to do it? Well, for many of these services you will need to pay a monthly fee to use features that will enable you to do what you need. So is that wise to be dependent on a subscription service like this as the key element to running a business?

In many ways it’s almost like opening up a business where you have no skill and labor contribution to the actual production of the work as you are fully dependent in hiring people to run the business. When it works it’s great, but what if something happens such as the cost suddenly increasing or that the service goes offline?

If you are a really small business like say someone running a tiny corner store in a neighborhood then I think that would be odd if you were 100% dependent in having to hire someone to do everything in managing that business. Maybe I’ll try it just to see what it is like if the cards align as purely digital business ideas have very little risk if any if it doesn’t work out I suppose.

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