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Bed Bath And Beyond Dyson Coupon Price Observations

I was reading recently that the company Bed Bath And Beyond may have to close down hundreds of stores due to a significant drop in sales as a result of the pandemic. So out of curiosity I just decided to visit the site and look at some of the product prices to see if they were competitive. My general impression is that the item prices are usually more expensive compared to everywhere else. However, they often have these 20% off coupons that make items closer to the regular price.

Since air purifiers are a hot thing currently I quickly looked at what they offered. What actually caught my attention the most is for the Dyson brand air purifiers there was a disclaimer that stated “The manufacturer does not allow coupons on this item.” Dyson products are usually very expensive too where as a consumer that gives the impression that it must be of really high quality. But the thought I had was this was possibly a case of manufacturers forcing retailers not to drop prices of their items to maintain that brand image or else they risk losing the ability to carry its products.

Funny enough that actually made me not treat the higher price tag as better quality as opposed to paying for branding and marketing. This resulted in me actually looking at other brands such as this Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Smarter HEPA Air Purifier where from the reviews in different places the product was just as good if not better. Way cheaper too.

So it makes you think where in this example are consumers more educated where insisting high prices to give the perception of high quality may backfire?

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