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Bare Bones Minimum

I was just thinking the other day as someone was asking me if I knew any good home telephones that they could buy as they needed one for a new house. It’s not exactly my field of expertise, but I know you can buy simple ones for pretty cheap. She was then telling me she had a budget of about $80 to spend as she noticed the phones she saw were in the $40 to $80 ranges.

This is why many times when I do try to do any kind of shopping for things I am not too familiar with I usually go to the cheapest places I can think of to get an idea of what you can buy a product for. For example, even places like those dollar store types of businesses. Even f you have no intent in actually buying it at places like those it gives you a good idea if you are paying way too much for what you need. Like these phones she saw for example had all these fancy features such as being able to connect to your cell phone reception which she didn’t need at all.

Usually at those cheaper stores too, the product is way less as the product is nothing but the basics. But who knows. Maybe that’s all you really need and it will save you a lot.

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