Avoiding Imperfect Total Purchase Discounts
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Avoiding Imperfect Total Purchase Discounts

For one store I noticed that they frequently give out coupons where if you spend $50 they will in-turn give you $20 back worth of points. Usually in these cases I would literally have to find fillers in order to reach the threshold to take advantage of the offer. That’s where at times I can use this as a deal-breaker of sort where I will end up just not spending anything which could be better overall.

If the item filler is something that I may not have normally bought, such as say a snack, where it seems to be a good sale price as well where I will still come ahead with the end discount reward then I will likely get it. However, if the filler items requires me to pay a full retail price to the point where it drastically reduces the benefit of the deal that is often enough for me to say it’s best to just wait for the next sale.

It’s just too easy to keep spending where like here $20 back is a lot. Keep buying each week you see the deal though when the individual prices aren’t that great then you are really just making your wallet sad I’d say. So having higher standards in terms of what the deal must entail goes a long way in helping to control spending on purchases that you wouldn’t have otherwise bought initially.

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