Attempting Do It Yourself Solutions First Stuck Doorknob Example
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Attempting Do It Yourself Solutions First Stuck Doorknob Example

What an interesting scenario this was where the doorknob got stuck today for some reason and people literally couldn’t go in or out. There was a lot of pushing and banging but nothing seemed to work. The next immediate response was to hire a locksmith to come in which would of course cost lot of money. However, before we did that I decided to look up some quick do it your solutions online. There were plenty, but one that made sense to me was to use a card and wiggle it into the latch area.

Looking for a card I didn’t need, there was this pre-paid credit card that I got as a gift a longtime ago which was now useless and so I decided to cut it and used it to try and open the door. Sure enough, it ended up working. So that definitely saved a lot of money where people can just replace or maintain parts of the door to get it to work again.

I have a habit of doing this for situations where it doesn’t hurt to try it yourself unlike say some kind of extreme medical procedure. A lot of times you can find easy solutions for common everyday problems like this so that you don’t have to pay a premium for a professional to help you.

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