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Assuming Loans Are Not An Option

I was talking to a person today who recently enrolled into university and of course that meant a lot of expenses such as the tuition fees. While talking about her finances she mentioned that she will be in debt for a long time as it is simply a standard requirement for most who journey along this path.

Why is it that just because most people go into debt in situations like these that it somehow means that it must be an inevitable path for you as well? It just reminds me of situations like how people spend way more than they actually have when it comes to credit cards with the thought that so many people do it and so it should be okay for you too.

When it comes to things like loans I always try to view finances with the mindset of assuming that there are no options for loans of any kind. Basically, if I need a certain amount of money for a particular item I would try to exhaust all options as if I was on my own. Just straight out taking loans without much thought is kind of a sluggish way to get what you want right at this point I’d say. Get those creative juices working instead to create a stream of income to support your lifestyle.

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