Asparagus Water For $6
Funny and Insane Prices

Asparagus Water For $6

This has got to be one of the most ridiculous things I have seen. There is this photo that was being shared around online where the company Whole Foods was apparently selling water with sticks of asparagus in it for $6. Literally, just water and raw asparagus thrown into it. As you can imagine, thinking about how much asparagus you can buy for $5 just made people think how marked up prices are in stores like this.

The company response on this was that apparently the product was not made right and therefore it has been recalled. From what I gather, the raw vegetable was supposed to simply soak in the water and I guess afterwards it would just be an all liquid final product that would be bottled. Either way, does things like this make you reconsider shopping at places that charge premium prices for the notion of getting healthier food?

Makes me think of the post I made the other day where regardless of where you shop you should still check thoroughly on what you are buying. Imagine reading this as an ingredient where it was literally just water and asparagus. Would that not make you think financially if you are being overcharged and if you can do it yourself for way less money?

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