Asking Your Potential Customers To Find More People

Asking Your Potential Customers To Find More People

Recently while trying to find a class to learn something new there was one place where the instructor charged different hourly rates based on how many people are in the class. Essentially, a one on one id more expensive whereas a group of two or three people would be cheaper. This was the strange part I thought as the person gave me the contact information of someone who was also inquiring about classes as they wanted me to hopefully work something out with them.

While it’s odd enough to give your potential customer’s information to someone else in this case it felt like I was actually doing the work for them. Basically I would expect the business to chat with every person first, find out if there may be a potential match for others to create a group and then organize one. I would find this still odd in other scenarios such as if you wanted to buy something where the company says you must buy wholesale which is too much for you. So they then give you the contact information of others who have inquired.

To me just the passing of information doesn’t seem right without people’s initial consent. But would you think that makes sense to get your customers to essentially do the work in finding more customers? I know as the customer I would probably try to find another place first that may have exactly what I am looking for.

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