Asking People To Buy The Gifts They Wanted To Give
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Asking People To Buy The Gifts They Wanted To Give

This was interesting to think about which made me wonder if it can be a thing that helps everyone. You have heard of giving people gift cards for one’s favorite business to shop at as that way you are guaranteed that they will get something that they like.

This Christmas my mom mentioned that she actually wanted to buy me a pair of jeans but didn’t have the time to get it while finding out my sizes. So she gave me $50 while asking me to buy a pair of jeans with it as my gift.

I did do that. However, since it was boxing day as well after Christmas I was able to buy three jeans for $50. These weren’t cheap ones as well as they usually retail for about $60 each.

I told my mom this and she was so shocked at the great deal I was able to find. She thought for sure you could only get one at most for $50 for these kinds. That makes you wonder, could this actually be a thing for things like Christmas gifts where you give people money while specifically asking them to buy a certain gift?

There are people who delay Christmas gift shopping until boxing day as an example as is where the element of surprise is on existent there. But like in this example, the trade off is you can potentially save a lot of money or buy a lot more.

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