Asking For Funding Just For The Extra Publicity And Sales Channel

Asking For Funding Just For The Extra Publicity And Sales Channel

I noticed that for a lot of crowdfunding sites lately it seems like many of the products that are showcased don’t actually need funding at all to create it. Instead it’s almost like for many the product is already made and using those platforms is an extra way to advertise its product. Almost reminds me of people going to like that Shark Tank show where the main motivation wouldn’t be to get funding but rather the exposure.

I have never did actually fully commit to a crowd funding project as often it just seems so risky where many have the perception that you are shopping at a store when in reality you are investing in a company. But from a business perspective I suppose that is something for you to think about if you are selling stuff online. Especially for a smaller company that doesn’t have the resources to get huge exposure.

Would you consider that as an abuse of a process and platform or simply a resource to be exploited per se? Funny enough it probably doesn’t make too much difference for the people who run the site as either way as long as the project is legitimate they still get paid.

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