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Asking For A Volunteer Instead of Extremely Cheap Pay

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This was kind of amusing as I saw a business trying to advertise for service that involves someone having to use their own equipment in order to do a job. The crazy thing was the compensation as it was the equivalent of like one fast food meal for what could easily be a three figure task. Sure enough, the person was criticized for it and no one took it seriously. What was interesting I thought was that there were people who were looking for similar help except in a voluntary basis. Ironically, they actually got more positive responses.

I think in cases like that if you truly can’t afford the professional help then in many ways it is better to just say so as people will be more likely to be generous in that case I think as long as what you are doing seems like a worthy cause. I would think the perception of a person offering extremely low compensation is that they are trying to take advantage of people or that they don’t respect people of a certain trade enough to compensate them adequately.

Kind of ironic huh where offering less will yield more results. I supposed it comes to where one way makes you seem more genuine and trustworthy. Of course if people know you are a person that is offering paid positions for everything else but for their role it probably will come out equally negative.

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