Apparently My Idea of Wear And Tear For Shoes Is Crazy
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Apparently My Idea of Wear And Tear For Shoes Is Crazy

Wear and tear shoes

For this boxing day one thing that I am definitely looking for is a new pair of shoes. As you may all know, in an effort to save money I usually try to use a product until it is truly unusable. The funny thing was that my sister in law saw one of my pair of shoes that I was looking to replace and she was flabbergasted at the condition it was in as you can see. She was then saying how I was just like my brother where to her that was ridiculous. My brother then said that’s how it should be as you shouldn’t replace a shoe simply cause of small cosmetic things as an example.

Just in general, if you are wondering how the shoe got into this condition, I do use it during a martial arts class which of course puts a lot more stress on it than just walking. But it got me thinking, is this type of wear and tear way too extreme for you even as a person that lives very frugal? For me anyways, this was mostly used for indoor activities and casual walking. So it’s not like I cared too much as long as it protected my feet. Of course, the thing is completely worn out now which means it needs a replacement.

I know for many anyways I would have probably replaced this thing like twice already based on normal standards. But again, for its purpose I feel you should use it to the max until it is truly worn out like this. Makes me wonder if there are others out there that go by this mentality too to save money.


  • freebird 12/24/2015

    That looks split more than worn, so some Shoe-Goo should be able to keep them alive awhile longer. I hear plain old rubber cement is cheaper and works just as well. If you go during those special markdown days, you may be able to find a decent pair at a thrift store for even less than the cost of a tube of glue. I used to buy shoes new at discount stores, but years ago I found they started to wear out in a few weeks. Some of the thrift store shoes are made of high quality materials that have years of life left in them. I think there are YouTube videos that explain what features to look for when shopping for durability.

  • laura 12/24/2015

    I would be gluing the bottom and continue to use it. lol.

  • Alan Yu 12/24/2015

    You two sound more resourceful than me. lol. So I can safely say my usage isn’t too far fetched….. 😀

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