Anonymous Critics or Trolls Can Be People You Know
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Anonymous Critics or Trolls Can Be People You Know

What a fascinating story this was. While it doesn’t relate to finance or commerce, I as reading how a story of school board trustee was caught trolling people online with a fake alias. Her targets seemed to be people such as parents and community members in relation to education topics. Imagine that as it’s almost like an executive of a company making fake accounts to scold their customers.

That’s why this was interesting as it probably happens all the time where businesses try and harass or give fake negative comments in hopes to push a business down. It’s tricky too as I can imagine accusing someone of being a fake in those instances can result in people thinking the business just can’t take responsibility for whatever the issue was. That’s why you often read generic replies from companies when they get really negative comments where they thank them for commenting.

The sad thing is people sometimes say don’t trust anyone. Cases like these would validate that point. But I think in general you just need treat everything on a case by case basis as suspecting everyone can’t be a good way to live. Hopefully like here with time the person will be outed.

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