Always Thinking How Money Can Influence People’s Decisions

Always Thinking How Money Can Influence People’s Decisions

This was kind of a crazy video I thought where a senator was questioning the Wells Fargo CEO about whether or not he has truly taken accountability for a scandal involving thing like phoney accounts. Apparently a lot of lower ranking people in the company were terminated but not the true higher ups in charge which raised a lot of questions. So I then saw a Youtube video of the CEO getting questioned about this and boy did he get put on the spot as you can see:

In many ways this just kind of shows you that when it comes to money one’s opinion and perception can sure be in a sense mind boggling. It’s almost like in this case too since the business is about making money then it almost feels like a company just wants to keep specific people there as long as possible despite the ethical concerns. As well, it’s the people on the bottom that are used as scapegoats.

That’s usually one of the reasons why I always factor in money whenever I try and understand people’s decisions. While on its own like here it makes absolutely no sense why you wouldn’t get rid of the higher ups once you start thinking about how the money is being funneled and distributed it can make more sense. It really is that simple in many cases. The things money can make people do.

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