All You Can Eat Buffet To Save Money Mindset
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All You Can Eat Buffet To Save Money Mindset

This got me thinking about the appeal of dining out if people are tight on a budget as there were articles talking about how many restaurants are opting to include an all you can eat menu to try and attract customers that want more value for their dollar. More people are opting to skip restaurants with how little you get for your dollar plus the fact that many places try and get insanely high tipping prices such as defaulting the tip amount to 20% when using the card processing terminal.

So in this example I saw a restaurant was advertising an all you can eat menu for $39.95. It looked like a lot of high quality items considering the restaurant normally operates like a standard cook to order business versus ones that have a buffet approach from the get go. But at $39.95 would that catch your interest to dine out versus preparing your own meal if you were price conscious? It wouldn’t for me personally as I can buy a ton of groceries for that price. Hot pots are the ones I really don’t see the value in usually at these prices where you still cook everything yourself but it seems like you pay for someone else to clean your dishes.

If anything, I think it may potentially sway me to go to this restaurant instead of a traditional one if I was planning to dine out for an occasion because you can essentially go there knowing exactly what the bill will be and not worry about it as you just enjoy the day. Even for these all you can eat buffets I think I probably usually only eat say twenty dollars worth of items if I was to order them from a menu. But again, I personally never saw buffets as a way to save money in an everyday budgeting manner as it is still in the luxury category I would say personally.

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