All Star Celebrity Apprentice – Episode 4
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All Star Celebrity Apprentice – Episode 4

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This episode went pretty fast as the majority of it consisted of the boardroom for the most part. The task was that the two teams had to promote Farouk Systems products which focus on hair care. The twist of it was that the would have to market it utilizing a glass truck which they can utilize however they wish. The project manager for Team Power was Claudia and for Plan B it was Marilu.

An interesting note was that the teams were offered an extra incentive. For every Facebook like they receive the company would offer a dollar up to fifty thousand dollars max. Was kind of neat seeing social media playing a role. Team power decided to go with a fashion photoshoot type of set up with their glass truck acting more as a product display only. Plan B went with a route where they had a stylist in the truck to use the products on visitors while using celebrity power to draw people in.

During the task Team Power had an idea to get miss USA to be at the event to help draw a crowd. It made sense considering Claudia’s background and so it seemed like it should be something she could do. However, Plan B actually had the same idea and ended up snatching her first. To make things worst, Team Power decided to try and get a Donald Trump impersonator to be at the event and it just so happened that the actor passed away. Talk about bad luck huh?

In the actual event it seemed like Plan B was generating the most buzz especially when Trace Adkins went on top of the truck. Team Power seemed to be steady but not as busy. Omarosa at times kept telling Claudia that maybe they should do things like what Plan B was doing with the stylist. Claudia commented that actions like these was just her trying to save herself in the boardroom if they lost.

Most of the drama in the boardroom came from Team Power as people were trying to determine who was the weakest link. For the most part it seemed like Omarosa was the one picked out. In the end the executives decided that based on user experience and use of the truck Plan B did a better job and so they were chosen as the winner.

It seemed like a repeat of the previous week as when Claudia was asked who she would bring in she decided to bring Lil Jon and Dennis. Despite almost everyone including herself saying Omarosa was the weakest she avoided bringing her in which resulted in criticism that Claudia is afraid of Omarosa. Of course Claudia denied it. Despite this, Trump mentioned it wouldn’t have mattered anyways even if Omarosa was there because Claudia failed the task and so the emphasis was on her in his view. Sure enough, Claudia was fired.

This theme about people being afraid of Omarosa almost feels scripted now. You’d think in a business type of environment with the backgrounds of these celebrities they would be way more confident huh?

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