All Star Celebrity Apprentice – Episode 3
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All Star Celebrity Apprentice – Episode 3

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Well this was definitely one of the craziest episodes I have ever seen in the series. The task this time was pretty straight forward where the celebrities had to promote Crystal Light liquid by writing, directing, and acting in live mini soap opera with the main purpose of promoting Crystal light. La Toya was project manager for Team Power and for Plan B it was Stephen.

Most of the drama started on Team Power’s side as expected with La Toya getting into an argument with Omarosa. For example, La Toya would assign Omarosa a task and she would then try to counter it by saying it would be better to do something else. This resulted in a verbal sparring match. Ultimately though, the team decided to go with a theme where they would re-enact some of the most stereotypical and cliche moments in a soap opera in a cheesy way. Whenever this would happen they would play a dramatic sound que to tell people in the audience that they should drink some Crystal light.

Plan B for the most part was going smoothly. For their theme they went a concept where every time they added more Crystal light in the water it essentially changes the mood of the scene. So for them they were trying to highlight how you have control as to how much you would like to add in your drink according to taste. The main drama that arose was since Stephen was the project manager he also acted as the director. It seemed like in that role he was very controlling such as telling people to cut all the time which drove some people crazy.

There was an interesting moment with team power where all of a sudden Omarosa claimed she had to go as some news media was going to release a 911 call of her late fiance’s death. Therefore, she told LaToya she had to leave. Most people were not very trusting of her actions. Since she was a main character in the play too she had to be replaced. When it came to the actual show performance Omarosa did come back and the whole team had a sarcastic “what a coincidence” attitude implying that she planned all this.

While both plays seemed to be entertaining, in the end the Crystal light executives felt that Plan B’s team was the best and so thy were chosen as the winners. The boardroom was super interesting as Omarosa was constantly down talking La Toya and of course had to try and explain her leaving the task. She started to cry again about her deceased fiance and the constant remark about that was how fake it seemed as there were constantly no tears.

This was the biggest shocker. La Toya was then asked to bring two people back into the boardroom and she chose to bring in Brande and Dennis. Everyone including Trump was so surprised that he had to ask a couple of times to make sure. Funny enough, the person most shocked was Omarosa. La Toya’s explanation for it ultimately was that she thought Trump was falling for her fake tears and so there was no way he was going to fire her. He even then commented how he saw no tears and doesn’t fall for things like that.

At the same time, another theory was put out that La Toya was simply afraid of Omarosa and didn’t want to go head on with her. Eventually, there was no real choice in this scenario due to her choice since Brande and Dennis did a good job and so La Toya was fired. That’s probably one of the craziest twists I have seen. Makes for entertaining TV though I guess you can say. I think the most interesting point here too is if you are going to stand up to people make sure you actually do it when the time comes where it counts the most.

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