AI Worker To Fill In Deficiencies

AI Worker To Fill In Deficiencies

I was reading about Adobe’s new AI art generator called Firefly which is currently in beta. What this is supposed to do is allow people to allow people to simply explain what they want in text and the computer will then generate an image based on your description. So if you say you want a picture of an office filled with robots and animals then apparently this will do just that.

It got me to think because if this does end up being very good I can easily see this being a way for many people to help fill in creative gaps for their business in which they would normally be hopeless in doing. For example, if you need to create a quick brochure or flyer for an upcoming event a lot of people would scramble to come up with the funds to hire help. This AI art generator could theoretically be creative employee that you could never afford usually at your current business state.

It’s crazy to think about how quick all this AI stuff is evolving where even if you don’t intend to use it as an integral part of your business you should start familiarizing yourself with them now I’d say.

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