AI Text To Video Sora Buzz

AI Text To Video Sora Buzz

Today OpenAI showed off its upcoming AI platform that can generate video through text. For example, if you typed in a dog walking through a park the program will try and generate a realistic looking video of it. While this kind of stuff has been around, the results were often laughable as it couldn’t really be used professionally in say feature films. However, that is changing quick as some of the examples shown from this OpenAI Sora platform looks very good.

While of course there are flaws if you look really close, the quality seems good enough in many ways where businesses could easily use this versus say having to license stock footage or having to setup at expensive filming locations. I was already reading how people working in film are contemplating what types of departments would get axed first as a result of options like these.

It will still be awhile though until industries truly adopt this as a standard. But as always you should learn the new tech and trends to adapt or get left behind.

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