AGLOCO Referral Selection – Raymond
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AGLOCO Referral Selection – Raymond

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So I am now casually telling people about AGLOCO offline and as mentioned I think regardless of what happens with this program this will be a great thing to blog about as All Advantage was a big thing back during the dot com boom and it will be interesting to document my experience with AGLOCO.

Now getting a different variety of people I think will make this very interesting and so I am hoping to find people ranging from one’s who were successful with get paid to surf programs in the past and ones who are just so skeptical about it that they wouldn’t normally touch it with a 10 foot pole. If they are within my network, I also plan to interview some of them so that everyone else can also get a general feel on the type of people who are trying this program and of course to document how well they are doing afterwards.

The first person I have selected to interview who has joined within my network is my friend Raymond. He actually has used All Advantage in the past and so I would classify him as someone who is very comfortable and confident in using AGLOCO once everything gets going while recognizing the potential of it based on his past experiences. Here was my brief interview with him so that everyone else can get to know him:

Me: Please tell my readers a bit about yourself and how long you have been a regular Internet user for.

Raymond: I am a student working part time and have been using the Internet since high school

Me: What do you usually do when you browse the net?

Raymond: When I am on the internet usually I check my emails, play games online, check out new products and shop online as well

Me: Did making money by using the Internet ever cross your mind when you first began?

Making money online did not cross my mind when I first began using the Internet. It was more for information

Me: To my understanding, back in the day you discovered All Advantage. How did this come about?

Raymond: When I was in high school one of my classmates showed me one of his paychecks and that’s how it started for me.

Me: What were your initial thoughts when you first heard about it?

Raymond: Seeing is believing, free money, it was a no brainer I had to join

Me: How was your experience with it?

All Advantage had a huge ad bar across the desktop and you had to actually click around. It would slow down your internet connection as well since this was back in the days of dial-up

Me: Did you find having that Viewbar on the bottom of your browser to be annoying or distracting in anyway?

Raymond: The ad bar was not too bad it was just the lag that got to me.

Me: When recommending it to others, did you get any negative vibes from people telling you that they thought you would never get paid or that they would somehow lose money?

Raymond: I think everyone is skeptical about free money, but once they understood how it works and when they see the check, it wows them.

Me: As we all know, the company was paying out too much money to its massively growing user base while not being able to generate enough revenue to sustain it and so the company folded. What was your reaction?

Raymond: It was pretty disappointing when the company went under. I just started to get more referrals at that time, but free money can only last so long.

Me: What were your thoughts when I told you about AGLOCO and how it is like a new incarnation of All Advantage?

Raymond: When I found out about AGLOCO it instantly reminded me of all advantage, free money on the Internet again

Me: What would you say is your main reason in signing up even though it is still in a beta phase right now?

I signed up because I wanted to give it a try. I have nothing to lose

Me: Are you skeptical or worried in any way?

Raymond: With more people being aware of spyware and viruses it definitely crossed my mind that this could be some form of spyware, but on the website it talks about how it is not spyware. So I am not too worried

Me: Anything you want to do add about this AGLOCO journey?

Hopefully I will be just as successful as I was with all advantage but its hard to say since agloco is still in its beta stages. We’ll just have to wait and see once the viewbar is available.

So there you have. I’m personally expecting Raymond to be one of the more active people in this based on his experience in the past.

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