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Affair Cheating Site Ashley Madison Getting Hacked

I was wondering why “Ashley Madison” was trending on Twitter today as I logged in. It turns out that the site was hacked by a group of people and they were threatening to release the name and details of 37 million people if the company didn’t close its doors. Aside from the concept of the site itself which is rather dubious, apparently the big thing about this story is how there are services for a fee on the site to have them erase one’s information. But as it turns out they still have payment records of those people which means they don’t truly get rid of people’s information.

Business wise I was thinking…..that site really has 37 million members? I am not even sure if some traditional dating sites like has that many members. I was reading comments on the Internet too on how this news is probably great if you are a divorce lawyer. It does make you wonder how in life things like promiscuous sexual activities and drugs is probably a big money drainer in a lot of people’s lives huh? I remember an example of this too where a person I knew who was one of the worst people in managing money turned out to be wasting all his money on such activities which then made so much sense as to why he was always broke financially.

An interesting note too, I once saw an advertisement for this Ashley Madison site on the Cartoon Network during a commercial when I visited a family member’s house. It was like the evening time after a party. I was dumbfounded that such a site would be advertised on a kid’s network. It was then explained to me that it is the evening time and there are a lot of grownups that watch cartoons late at night. Kind of shows you that it is anyone and everyone that is probably a part of this 37 million huh?

I am not a life coach anything, but stories like these make me think how you need balance in all aspects of your life. Example, spending all your time and making millions of dollars only to not nurture and grow the relationship aspects in your life can cost you more. It’s what I assume leads people to spend money on things like this. Same can be said for things like health too. Focus too much on your work where your health deteriorates drastically and you can end up spending thousands in trying to find quick fix solutions for it.

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