Advantage or Disadvantage Going From A Rich Back To Poor Lifestyle Area
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Advantage or Disadvantage Going From A Rich Back To Poor Lifestyle Area

I was watching an interesting video today where a person has been living in a fairly high quality of life area such as having access to all the latest tech and fancy food items. While he was only able to stay temporarily for about a year due to circumstances he had to move back to his original country where the quality of life for most isn’t as great as what he just experienced. Since he went back though I would imagine he would take everything he learned to give himself a huge advantage now. Instead he seems to be in a state of mind where he is being tortured in a sense.

Would you think for yourself it would be impossible to ever go back to a place of less fortune even though technically you have been through it already before? I have often heard of entrepreneurs though that have had a seesaw experience of being dirt poor to getting rich only to lose it all and having to start over. For those people in particular they used everything as an experience it seemed to try and do even better.

I can’t say for certain how it would be like personally to say live in a less fortunate country since I have lived in the same place all my life and am accustomed to the economy. But there’s a quote that goes along the lines of it’s not what you are given but what you create. That’s how I would try and approach it. A funny way to think about it is instead feeling like an adult that was placed back into a child’s body where people won’t allow you to do the things you normally did I would rather approach where I am a child with the wisdom and experience of an adult. You can do so much with that if you think about it.

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