Adjusting To Competition Price Pressure Immediately or Not

Adjusting To Competition Price Pressure Immediately or Not

I was just reading about a new camera release today by the company Nikon which they call the Z9. It is supposed to be their flagship model that seems to be getting a lot of praises. While it can shoot videos in things like 8K, what was the most interesting aspect of this launch to me was the price of this camera. It is listed as $5499.95 which is still a heft price for sure.

But its competitors recently announced cameras as well that have yet to be launch which aren’t as impressive one could argue and is more expensive. For example, Canon recently announced its camera called the R3 which is listed at $5999.

People started to theorize if the company Nikon was taking a massive loss on the camera body in an effort to undercut the competition. The other question is if you were a company like Canon would you immediately adjust your prices because of what your competitor is offering? One can see it as the necessary move whereas others would feel it would be an admittance of defeat of sort to the point where you shouldn’t.

I suppose it really depends if you are thinking long term or short term as I would imagine long term wise this would stick into people’s mind on how another company can offer just as good of a product for so much less.

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