Added Expense of Forgetting to Renew Services Manually
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Added Expense of Forgetting to Renew Services Manually

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It’s November already and today I was kind of surprised as when I went to take the public transit and swiped my card I noticed that it deducted funds from it. That was odd as I had a monthly pass which gives you unlimited travel. However, I quickly realized that I forgot to get a new pass subscription for the new month as I usually renew these things manually. Therefore I made a $2 blunder for the month. While that isn’t much it’s not the first time these kind of things has happened.

For most people they would probably just set all this stuff on auto renew to avoid such a thing. I guess for myself I often felt doing that can make you less in tune with your spending habits and bills where since everything in that department is on auto drive you don’t tend review your bills often. For myself anyways actually seeing the expenses is a way to encourage you to try and find ways to save money.

As well I always felt it’s good for security reasons as many times when people auto renew they don’t check to make sure that the bill is actually accurate where one just sees the entire monthly bill on say the credit card and pays it. At times like this though it sure can be irritating to waste money like that.

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