Adapting or Complaining About Cheaper Plans
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Adapting or Complaining About Cheaper Plans

For whatever reason today I noticed that my mobile Internet was horrendously slow in certain parts of the city which is a little unusual. The interesting thing for my mindset was that I am fully aware that the carrier I am with gives one of the best priced plans where the coverage may not be as good as the bigger companies. But saving like 60% off my bill every month seems worth it as I still get things done as needed. However, I was then seeing some people complain how the carrier was horrible with the exact same issue I was experiencing to the point where they were stressing themselves out it seemed.

I usually just tend to adapt to situations like this because financially I know exactly what I am signing up for if I go with the cheaper options. Because ultimately like here I signed up with a more value based carrier for the savings. So isn’t it expected to have some kind of expectation that by saving all that money there will be sacrifices somewhere? I would imagine if you still think you will always get like say top tier performance without paying top tier prices you will just end up spending way too much energy complaining about it.

Like for me in this case I just became more accustomed to knowing where the “dead” areas are and simply adjust my travels accordingly if need be. The effort to do that outweighs the cost I would have to pay to use an extremely high priced service where like say for one day I wouldn’t’ have to think about where to get the best connection quality. Or like here I actually have a list of free hotspots to use for those areas where my phone data may not be as strong. Adapting a little extra to make the better priced service work can save a lot of money. No point constantly trying to compare a valued service directly with a top tier one while getting frustrated over it I say.

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