Actually Living With No Savings
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Actually Living With No Savings

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I think we all actively try and put some money on the side just in case something happens in life. As well, preparation for your retirement where when you can’t work anymore you need to have some kind of income. So it was interesting hearing a story of a person who literally spends his entire pay cheque each week in full where to him saving money is pointless as he never intends to stop working. If he can’t do one line of work anymore for whatever reason then he will do something else even if it is an entry level job.

At this point in time too I guess you can’t say it doesn’t work for him as he technically is debt free. One of his reasoning is that he has often heard of people who spent all their life saving money and their biggest regrets are not experiencing as much as they can when they technically could have as to them money can always be made. So for him it make the most sense to focus on the present day as opposed to too far off where he can’t predict what is going to happen.

I don’t know if I would ever do that as at minimum if I was to ever just spend everything that I make in a week then the income better be coming from some kind of passive residual source that I created. An exaggeration would be someone making so much interest that they can literally live off of it. Then again technically that means you would have some savings too. I guess like a person hunting for food in the wild you could technically just hunt every day until your time is up in life. But even there I would probably rather have a way to store things for a cold and rainy day.

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