Having The Ability To Choose Your Opportunities For Income
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Having The Ability To Choose Your Opportunities For Income

Today was an interesting day as for whatever reason I had a bunch of different people asking me if I was interested in doing some work for them. So of course, this meant having to say no to a few. This was almost like having a lot of part time jobs where every company is asking you if you would like to work and you essentially get to choose based on your mood.

The funny thing too is that for most of these opportunities I simply placed my name in the hat because I enjoy the work. Therefore, I tell people to feel free to contact me if they feel I can help in some way. It makes me wonder if someone could seriously do this with like part time jobs. Granted the main disadvantage is you wouldn’t be in a career mode where you would get say health benefits from a company working full time. It would sure make your daily life more dynamic in many ways.

Kind of shows that there are a ton of opportunities out there as well to make an income where you just have to start letting people know who you are in many ways.

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