A Non Professional Can Make Money Too
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A Non Professional Can Make Money Too

I was talking to a gentlemen today who expressed that he was recently let go from the company that he has worked for over thirteen years due to downsizing. As a result, he started to try out other career choices and was more open to doing professions that catered to his interest even if he wasn’t exactly the most knowledgeable in the field.

This story wasn’t so much about the money itself but rather how happy he seemed at being able to do things that he enjoyed once he got over the fear of people judging him as a non professional. Not surprisingly, he was able to make a nice income out of it while waking up everyday with an eagerness to learn and do more. And yes, doing more in this case naturally means more money too. Afterwards it seemed like he was expressing how he was so glad that he decided to try it out as the fear of looking like a complete rookie would normally hold him back.

If you think about it, there are so many people who made something from nothing just by simply doing it and avoiding the negative stigma that others would place on their lack of knowledge. Sometimes too much knowledge stops people from even doing anything ironically. If you have to “play around” a little to get something going treat it more as an experiment as opposed to you doing a final exam, in my opinion.

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