Site Planning
Some simple steps to planning your future web site
When designing a website, three steps should be followed to create a successful website. The first step is to identify a general-purpose statement of what you want to accomplish on your site. The next step is to set goals to fulfill your purpose statement. Once you have done this it is time to formulate a plan to carry out this out. By following these three steps you can form a successful plan identifying the features and techniques best suited for your web site.

General Purpose Statement:
A general purpose statement is a general statement of what you hope to accomplish on with your website. "Increasing Sales," and "Improving Customer Support," are both good examples of purpose statements. Developing an effective purpose statement involves researching your company, your competitors and what other sites are doing.

Goal Setting:
Once you have created your purpose statement, it is time to set specific goals to fulfill it. Using the above example of increasing sales, your goal might be to generate qualified sales leads via an online email form.

Formulating A Plan:
Once you have set your goals, you can begin formulating a plan to implement them. Planning involves identifying the content, structure, visual theme and technologies (such as guest books, or message forums) that you want your website to have.

Implementing Your Plan:
Once you have completed these steps, It is time to order a hosting package & domain name to host your site on.