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Monetization or Employment Money For Your Work Passion

Saturday, November 8th, 2014 by

So today I attended a local event that revolved around independent journalism and it seemed like it was trying to raise awareness about it. I am no journalist myself, but over the years I have made blog posts which seemed to garner a lot of attention such as exposing certain business opportunities or people with questionable business practices. As a result, I noticed that it helped many people as if it was a piece published in say the local news or paper. So it got me curious about the types of news that get published from other sources that aren’t so mainstream.

The first point that was expressed about the life of an independent journalist was the money. Essentially, it sounded kind of depressing as people were saying as much as they love the work it is unstable and that they implore people to have an actual job. I also heard during the crowd participation that for the most part people work on an honorarium basis and at times people mentioned they have to start valuing their work and expect to be paid for it. However, due to the competitive nature of the field you can’t just do that. Therefore, many simply focus on other things to simply survive as opposed to following their passion.

I was thinking how this sounded eerily similar to the life of an artist. However, I think the main difference is that most artists are probably prepared to be in a starving artist mindset whereas something like journalism would initially sound like an office job with a stable income. At the same time, I would say an artist is more likely to try and find ways to make an income out of their passion even if no one hired them directly. That then got me to read how some independent journalists use various funding and sponsorship sources that even an artist would use with great success. In some ways it was surprising that the concept of it was foreign to them.

I’ve never tried this myself, but I have often heard that a lot of people online who pursue some kind of passion but obviously need money to survive use sites such as Patreon to do so. Essentially, you are changing the mindset of trying to find like an employer but rather sponsors or supporters. I was thinking about this too where isn’t it easier to try and find ways to monetize your passion as oppose to someone who will employ you to do it in these types of cases?

Giving The Opportunity To The People You Know First

Monday, June 30th, 2014 by

I recently had an opportunity to essentially give someone an opportunity to get paid to do some work in a field that is pretty competitive. I basically had the final say where no one would question it either. While I could have just cold called this to try and find anyone, usually my way of thinking is to contact everyone that I know first as there is usually always someone that you know who would be good at the job while always being on the lookout for a good opportunity.

It surprises me many times when people or companies immediately do things such as posting up advertisements to try and get anyone without actually asking people in their immediate circle first. Aside from the fact that it will probably save you money this way, chances are you could probably get a high quality person even if it was referred by someone whom you trust a lot. I know the usual concern is if you bring in people you know then they will feel more inclined to do a bad job as since they feel they know you that it somehow means they can be less professional in their work.

I have only found that to be the case personally if you continue to reward them even if they are doing a bad job. So if anything it come down to how the person is managed for the most part. Overall, I find it easier to work with people who you already know in many ways and that level of trust is something that is worth a lot on its own. It’s gratifying to be able to help people this way as well. Just goes to show you the importance of maintaining positive relationships with the people you meet as you never know business wise when everyone will eventually need each other’s help and support.

Making Yourself Dependent On Things That Are Too Cheap

Saturday, June 28th, 2014 by

I had a thought today as I saw all these services such as how you can get people to clean your yard or even do various jobs for so little money to the point where you say “why not?” A lot of these tasks require very little time as is. As a result, we simply keep buying when we really don’t have to. It just made me think how at times like these it’s better to not be so frugal where the high prices will encourage you to not waste money on simple things.

It’s kind of like running a company in many ways where when you need a solution many people will go on a spending spree for so many things because it seems so cheap initially. Of course it adds up and reality kicks in. I suppose that is a reason to have balance in life where sometimes you simply need to surround yourself with “expensive” things as well so that it makes you think more on whether or not you can do things yourself as opposed to only seeing what kind of immediate financial impact it would have on you.

Working When You Are Not Well Still

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014 by

A few days ago a person treated me to some KFC and I normally don`t eat from this place.  But for the sake of politeness I ate the chicken that was bought.  Not too long after I started to feel funny and it has been lasting for a few days now.   The only conclusion that everyone came up with based on all the symptoms I experienced was that the company sold bad/spoiled food.  Fortunately I usually do eat fairly healthy and so even though it doesn’t feel like I am 100% recovered it seems like my body is fighting it off good enough for me to not be say immobilized.

This got me thinking too where for myself there is no such thing as a “sick day” where I could see many people in a more traditional setting would simply say “can’t show up.”    Essentially, me saying can’t make it will mean other people that are relying on me will be immediately affected.  So usually that isn’t an option.  I guess thinking about this too that shows semi importance why even if you are working for yourself that it’s nice to have some kind of backup for those time where it probably would be wiser for you to take some time off.

I can’t remember I time I phoned in sick too even in an employee environment.  One thing is for sure, no more KFC’s for me.

A Little Progress Each Day

Monday, March 3rd, 2014 by

I had a little side project going for awhile but of course time is always an issue. As a result I have often put it aside. Not too long ago I decided to simply work on one thing a day for that project as a way to at least do something. Looking at it today, it’s almost done. To think if I would only work on it if I dedicated full days to it the thing probably would be in an idea phase still.

That kind of reminds me how people say an idea is just an idea until you do something with it. At the same time, many times just doing something is better than nothing. I find that towards the end I find time to finish it too as seeing it slowly progress is nice motivation to want to finish an item where you don’t really get to see the real results until everything is done.

I know some other methods that people use are with the help of another person to essentially nag or keep you accountable to get your side projects going. I never found this working as well for me personally as I find that I simply need to take baby steps if time is an issue. The sooner you walk the closer you get to the finish line.