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Squeezing By With Your Residential Services

Thursday, January 12th, 2012 by

So while learning more about all this video stuff lately one area that I bumped into was all these people that nowadays make a living trying to stream various live videos of them doing some kind of activity online. From what I saw this ranged from people playing video games to people setting up their own mini talk shows. Now as you may imagine you need a fairly good internet connection to be able to upload high quality video for others to see. From what I saw many people were simply using their home residential services and finding ways to get by with it.

In many cases it does make sense to just use residential services especially if your business is home based. Like when it comes to the telephone, aside from the fact that the business line costs more money I think the only difference is that you can automatically list it in business directories. I remember there was one particular office building before where the funny thing was that it used to be a residential building and you could save a lot of money just by enrolling into residential service packages. But because they then changed it to office buildings you then had to use business service packages even though nothing physically has changed in the building.

While of course the business services are usually better in many ways, I guess like anything else if you aren’t going to take advantage of all the features you may as well go lower and not get the higher stuff just because it sounds better.