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Seeing People Spend Money Like Water

Thursday, July 24th, 2014 by

I saw this interesting video today of a proposed reality show to be shot here that revolved around “Ultra Rich Asian Girls” of Vancouver. I guess you can say it seems to be going in the direction of all of those “Real Housewives of” shows where people get to view the drama revolving around rich people. This was the trailer I saw:

For the most part it seems like they are trying to find people who essentially inherited a lot of money and as a result are pretty carefree with the way they spend it. What caught my attention are the comments that people made such as how showing stuff like this will simply encourage people to be irresponsible for money. That got me thinking, does seeing things like this actually influence you to spend less or more in your life?

I know for myself, seeing things like this ironically makes me not want to be irresponsible with money. Am I the only one that thinks it’s silly for example to see someone buy such expensive things where they don’t seem to even think about the future or what would happen if they lost all their money one day? In that sense, it’s almost like it’s a free life lesson and in some ways is no different than reading stories of people who are say addicted to a certain substance. Like there, no matter how much you try to glamorize it I would think seeing it would discourage you from following that path.

Starting A Business With Outdated Laws

Sunday, June 10th, 2012 by

What an interesting video/situation this was that I saw. Essentially, it appears that there are some people here in Vancouver that are trying to start a restaurant/bar of sort with the difference being that they are trying to cater to the video game audience by allowing people to play video games in there. It appeared that they are trying almost all of the online options to start this business too such as trying to get additional funding online as well as advertising. It appears to be working too.

The interesting thing was that while watching this video they made apparently they just found out that the liquor laws here are worded in such a way where playing video games consoles with their type of business and space is prohibited which essentially kills off the key idea/attraction to their business. You can watch the video here if you are interested:

Of course I am personally not sure how the law works in this scenario as it isn’t exactly my expertise. It did get me interested in how they are dealing with it though as again it seemed like they were attempting to get support online to try and change the law itself. In many ways I guess they do make a good point as nowadays almost every smartphone or tablet has the ability to play video games and so the wording probably does need to be reviewed.

It’s good to see people not just give up though when they are given a huge hurdle in trying to start up a business that they believe in. Be interesting to see how his pans out.

Thinking of Donating Computer Equipment

Monday, December 27th, 2010 by

Since the year is coming to an end I was just looking around the house to see if there is any stuff that I wanted to get rid of to free up some clutter. I never realized how many old CRT computer monitors I had. I was thinking of just recycling it but then I realized that you have to pay a fee to do so which is kind of silly considering you have to pay disposal fees on electronics here nowadays.

With that in mind it just seems like it makes more sense to find a place to donate the items to. Guess I have to research in terms of who exactly would take items like these and would put it to good use.

Lower Prices To Justify Trying Out

Monday, December 6th, 2010 by

I have been watching the cell phone service prices here recently as there just seems to be so many new competitors. Of course, as you would expect that should mean someone is offering lower prices to try and undercut the other. Recently there is a new competitor that opened up here called Mobilicity and I saw the rates they were offering at which just seems so much less compared to others.

To give you an example of the types of rates that most people here pay for you can look at links such as this For the most part this is one of those scenarios where I am naturally iffy about simply switching a service that you use all the time as you are worried that if it ends up being bad it can disrupt your daily routine. So like many people, in those cases I would opt to stay with the more expensive company until I am certain.

But even I will say with prices like that which are so different you can’t help to say it may be worth it to see how it is like as it could translate to a lot of savings.

Visiting A Warehouse Sale

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009 by

Today I went to a warehouse sale as I thought I would find some decent stuff. The prices didn’t seem too bad compared to what the original retail prices were supposed to be for each product. As usual, in these types of sales virtually every category type of clothing all share the same price point. Example, all jeans are one price and all coats are another.

Usually at the door they give you these large see-through bags too as many people just go crazy and start dumping a bunch of clothing items in it. For the most part, it is pretty civilized unlike say a boxing day sale where everyone is at each other’s throat

All I bought was one shirt as funny enough most of the clothing sizes were in large or extra large sizes. One interesting thing was that at the checkout this is technically the first time ever that I was able to put that chip credit card to the test. Basically, no signature as all I needed was a PIN code. It was apparently new for the employee too. It made the transaction a lot faster I thought.

This event is actually still going on for a few days at the PNE if any of you live in the Vancouver area and want to check it out. There was also a whole load of Croc shoe clearances too.