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Thinking of Spending Money For A Charity Event

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014 by

So recently I learned about a local hospital charity event that will be taking place soon. I met with some volunteers of the event and they seemed like they were in need of help where I felt I could potentially be a good fit for. However, one thing that was crossing my mind is that resource wise I don’t have the optimal gear to produce what I feel would be the best results for the event. So that would mean having to invest in some better gear. If I was to simply use what I have I could basically just get by.

It kind of got me thinking in this case where if you should simply dig in your pockets to get the necessary resource to make things optimal or if simply going with what you currently have is good enough. In some ways I would think that since it is a charity event most people should be able to overlook things such as If the presentation aspect looks homemade as an example as it should simply be about the effort and that people would donate because they want to.

However, it makes me think of like any aspect of business where in a lot of cases you simply have to use professional-like presentations or big names to get support. At this point, I am inclined to see how I can budget this creatively where I won’t feel as if getting better resources is like a want as opposed to a need.

Spending Simply To Be Nice

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 by

I was thinking today as I have been spending quite a few dollars for a service that I don’t really feel is up to par. However, for the most part I have been supporting the business as I wanted to see it grow. So in many ways this is like a charity case. I really shouldn’t be doing this considering it’s a for profit operation.

I do find myself doing this at times to support local businesses. Kind of ironic when you think about it considering how I usually try to get the best deals while only wanting to spend money on what gives me the best value. Unfortunately, I think the only way to get around this habit is to remember that for most businesses they wouldn’t do the same for you such as giving you free service just because they want to help you. Usually the business would always be expecting something in-return.

If I do go with this generous route I usually do it a few times and see how the business responds. For example, does it seem like they even try to offer me anything more? Is the service actually improving? If the answer is no then that makes the decision easier as in my view. In some ways I guess it’s like enabling a person to continually have bad spending habits if you keep funding them and they don’t change. So, everyone has to have a limit where they would say no more.

Spending Cash Hurts

Saturday, March 1st, 2014 by

This was kind of an interesting thought I heard where it was suggested that if you want to save money you should start spending cash because the sheer notion of you visibly seeing your money being given to someone else hurts and so you will be less inclined to do it unless it is something really important. For example, seeing yourself give a restaurant $100 for some kind of meal.

Kind of funny but true in many ways I think. I know for myself I usually use a credit card whenever I can and since I constantly monitor the billing on it I get a constant reminder of the money that is going to be taken out of my savings to pay for it. So in many ways that does help me in terms of developing the mentality to try and make as many financially savvy purchases as possible. I think that is better too where I pay everything at the end of the month where seeing myself transfer all the funds in one go really puts it in perspective if I spent too much or not. Sometimes you just need to see those big numbers for it to get it through to you.

Seeing This Sale Price For A NutriBullet Changes My Shopping Intent

Thursday, January 9th, 2014 by

So recently I was thinking of getting a blender as I have often been making my own juice with a really good Breville juicer which I invested a lot in years ago. It has served me well for years, but recently I was thinking of trying something new this year as usually when I juice I end up discarding the fibre and many people say maybe making like a smoothie out of it would be better. So I decided to research about various blenders and this product called a Nutribullet seemed to have popped up a lot.


After doing my usual bargain hunting research it seemed like most places sold this 600 watt model for about $99. At the same time, apparently there was a new 900 watt model that sells for about $180. So thinking about it, maybe it would be better to invest in the more recent product. That then resulted in me seeing if I could find a good deal on it. That led me to see that a store did have it for sale not too long ago and as you can see here they were selling that 900 model for about $85.


After seeing this the only thing I can think of now is how ridiculous the markup is and that if I ever paid the full $180 for it that would be pretty silly. If anything, in this case if I actually wanted to try the product now it almost makes more financial sense to buy the older model and then simply wait for the newer one to go on sale again. I was thinking too I could just go with the route I went with the Breville juicer where I would just buy something that is a lot more expensive but would more than likely last longer. For a blender as an example I was looking at this product called a Vitamix. Of course, the price tag is way heftier as you would be looking to invest at least $300 it seems.

Interesting dilemma I am in at the moment. For the sake of being a savvy shopper though there is no way I am going to pay the full price for that product after seeing that sale price.

Paying High Prices Dining Out To Be Polite

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013 by

The other day I was meeting up with a person to do some catching up as it has been years. For the most part we simply went to grab a bite to eat and chatted all day which resulted in going to places like cafes too. The funny thing was for an unrelated shopping item I waiting to get it it from a particular store as it is about $2 cheaper. Yet in this case out of politeness and not wanting the other person to feel weird I ordered like a cup of tea that would probably cost me like 25 cents to make myself for like $2.50

It’s probably just too socially awkward too to tell people ahead of time you would rather not pay those kinds of prices. It definitely added up at the end of the day too. While for myself this isn’t a common everyday habit I can imagine how dining out prices can easily knock people out at the end of the month where they then wonder where all their money went.

Although, I guess one thing I could have done is if I knew ahead of time that we were going to chat for so long I would have simply brought like my own drink and all from a bottle. I think in those cases most people wouldn’t feel strange as the only difference there is you paid way less money for it.