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Shopping For Deals Throughout The Year For Events

Sunday, July 27th, 2014 by

For some reason I noticed recently that quite a few businesses are advertising back to school sales even though that is quite a bit away. The deals don’t even seem that great compared to what you could find closer to the school year too. I then saw one particular ad where its sales pitch for you to buy all your back to school items is so you can avoid the crowds and lineup. Would you be willing to pay say 30% more simply to have everything ready like two months ahead of schedule in this case?

For this particular case I would be more inclined to wait for the sales as most of the items in general aren’t very hard to find. If anything, usually the direction I would try to go with here is to simply buy the items throughout the year if they are a good deal and hope that I will have very little left to shop near the cut-off date. This is as opposed to dedicating one day or week to do all the shopping as usually in those cases you are more focused in just getting everything off your list instead of getting a good deal.

The same can be said such as buying gifts for people. It simply requires you to be a bit more organized and focused in terms of what exactly you need to buy so that when you see a good deal you are ready for the checkout line.

Buying The Not So Perfect Produce

Friday, July 25th, 2014 by

I saw this neat video today called “Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables” which was neat is it revolved around taking fruits and vegetables that would normally be deemed as unsellable where people would sell it at a discount. Interestingly enough, people bought it. This I the video for those who never saw it:

If you think about it, it is simply marketing perception on why no one would buy it in the first place. However, package and present it in a different way and people will embrace it. Makes you wonder why every grocery chain doesn’t implement a system or program like this. I know for myself usually these kinds of produce are usually bad looking because they are literally going bad as opposed to simply having a cosmetic issue. If businesses created something like this though it would definitely help with the perception and I’m sure a lot of people would save a lot of money.

Makes me think of how even for simple items like an apple many people would take the visually unappealing ones and simply make it into say apple juice or cider.

Paypal Surcharge Fees

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 by

I was surprised to see this today as I was interested in making a purchase using Paypal as a payment option and to my surprise the item was more expensive than the listed price. Upon looking at it closer, it seemed like the merchant was charging its customers a$2 surcharge fee for anyone who wished to use Paypal as a payment option.


It was funny in some ways as they didn’t seem to want to add this additional fee with using a credit card payment directly which makes me wonder if Paypal fees for the merchants are extremely high in comparison. Would you be more inclined to use your normal credit card instead in this case to avoid the $2 fee? It almost reminds me of merchants implementing a surcharge for customers who pay with a credit card instead of cash which is usually forbidden by the payment provider.

Still Waiting For Sales In A Membership Based Store

Monday, July 21st, 2014 by

I was with another person doing some shopping and price comparison today where they happened to have a membership card to a store which supposedly gives you better prices for items compared to traditional retail stores. Upon our little journey though, that definitely wasn’t the case in many instances the regular stores often offered cheaper prices and at the same time you don’t have to buy the items in bulk.

Interestingly enough, it seemed like the sale items at the membership store was consistently cheaper than the regular stores. So the simple conclusion out of this test is that even if you pay an annual fee to get exclusive discounts from a business you generally still need to wait for a sale of some sort as the regular prices can be just as expensive as non-membership based stores.

I think many people often assume that if you have to pay to shop at a place then the prices must truly be lower. Therefore, people usually throw away their shopping savviness and start throwing things into the cart. That just isn’t the case whenever I compare prices personally. While granted you may get some valuable spiffs and discounts at places that require a fee based membership, you still need to keep an eye out on what is actually on sale and is a good value I think.

Having To Financially Explain Buying A No Name Brand

Thursday, July 10th, 2014 by

I thought this was kind of a cute where as you know kids can be picky eaters. In this scenario the child was going to put some maple syrup on his pancakes, but when he was given a no-name brand maple syrup he immediately mentioned that he didn’t like it. Keep in mind, he never tried it before to know if he likes it or not. The parent then tried to convince him that it is the same thing as the name brand stuff where literally the ingredients and everything were identical. This obviously was not true and the child didn’t believe it either.

The parent then got fed up and implied to the child that she spent all this money to buy this item for him where it is now going to waste. Funny enough, the child reacted to that and started asking how much the product was. At the same time, he was being educated truthfully now on why the no name was cheaper. This then got the child to be receptive in trying it and all went well.

It’s just kind of funny where like in these cases all you need to do is be truthful about the product and your intentions to save money. I know a lot of people would simply try to say it’s the exact same thing. In some cases that can be the case of course. But like here, usually when you throw the basics numbers at people even a child can understand so that you can all be on the same page.