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Paypal Surcharge Fees

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 by

I was surprised to see this today as I was interested in making a purchase using Paypal as a payment option and to my surprise the item was more expensive than the listed price. Upon looking at it closer, it seemed like the merchant was charging its customers a$2 surcharge fee for anyone who wished to use Paypal as a payment option.


It was funny in some ways as they didn’t seem to want to add this additional fee with using a credit card payment directly which makes me wonder if Paypal fees for the merchants are extremely high in comparison. Would you be more inclined to use your normal credit card instead in this case to avoid the $2 fee? It almost reminds me of merchants implementing a surcharge for customers who pay with a credit card instead of cash which is usually forbidden by the payment provider.

Still Waiting For Sales In A Membership Based Store

Monday, July 21st, 2014 by

I was with another person doing some shopping and price comparison today where they happened to have a membership card to a store which supposedly gives you better prices for items compared to traditional retail stores. Upon our little journey though, that definitely wasn’t the case in many instances the regular stores often offered cheaper prices and at the same time you don’t have to buy the items in bulk.

Interestingly enough, it seemed like the sale items at the membership store was consistently cheaper than the regular stores. So the simple conclusion out of this test is that even if you pay an annual fee to get exclusive discounts from a business you generally still need to wait for a sale of some sort as the regular prices can be just as expensive as non-membership based stores.

I think many people often assume that if you have to pay to shop at a place then the prices must truly be lower. Therefore, people usually throw away their shopping savviness and start throwing things into the cart. That just isn’t the case whenever I compare prices personally. While granted you may get some valuable spiffs and discounts at places that require a fee based membership, you still need to keep an eye out on what is actually on sale and is a good value I think.

Having To Financially Explain Buying A No Name Brand

Thursday, July 10th, 2014 by

I thought this was kind of a cute where as you know kids can be picky eaters. In this scenario the child was going to put some maple syrup on his pancakes, but when he was given a no-name brand maple syrup he immediately mentioned that he didn’t like it. Keep in mind, he never tried it before to know if he likes it or not. The parent then tried to convince him that it is the same thing as the name brand stuff where literally the ingredients and everything were identical. This obviously was not true and the child didn’t believe it either.

The parent then got fed up and implied to the child that she spent all this money to buy this item for him where it is now going to waste. Funny enough, the child reacted to that and started asking how much the product was. At the same time, he was being educated truthfully now on why the no name was cheaper. This then got the child to be receptive in trying it and all went well.

It’s just kind of funny where like in these cases all you need to do is be truthful about the product and your intentions to save money. I know a lot of people would simply try to say it’s the exact same thing. In some cases that can be the case of course. But like here, usually when you throw the basics numbers at people even a child can understand so that you can all be on the same page.

What To Do With Deals That Don’t Interest You

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014 by

I was forwarded one deal today that was supposed to be really good in terms of price. As you can see here, there was this pack of 24 Red Bull drink for about $30 and apparently it is supposed to be a great deal:


I personally don’t drink this stuff and so when it comes to pricing I am ignorant as to what a good deal is. Makes me think, what do you do when you see a deal that doesn’t interest you personally? I personally tell people about it who I think may be interested in it as even if I don’t want it someone else may. I think this is one of the good ways to save money overall where if people amongst your social circle inform each other of deals then it’s like multiplying yourself everywhere to get the best deals. Like they say, sharing is caring.

Running Out of Sale Name Ideas

Friday, July 4th, 2014 by

I thought this was an error at first when I saw this today:


As you can see, it was advertising a “Boxing Day” sale. For those who don’t know, this is like the equivalent of a Black Friday sale in the US. Of course, based on the advertisement they were trying to imply this was special where they are having it in July.

I was thinking, are the name of sales actually that important to us? Like in this case, if they just called it a “Weekly Sale” it would probably be the same to me personally. The only thing it makes me think is that creatively the business isn’t try too hard to market to consumers.