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The Extra Recycling Fee

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014 by

This is one of those things that I guess I never really paid attention to when it came to buying canned drinks from the supermarket. I was essentially looking for a good deal on some coconut water and ended up seeing a pack of 24 for a decent price. So I decided to buy it. While it was tagged at about $14.99, the end price came out to a little over $17.

At first I was thinking it is simply the can deposit money that you can get back. Upon further inspection though it appears that there was a fee for the deposit as well as the recycling fee. Again, this is one of those things that I never really paid attention to as I don’t usually buy these items in bulk. It was kind of funny because I spent some time calculating how you will save about 12 cents a can by buying it in bulk. However, at the end of it all you are basically saving the extra fee costs.

I have gotten used to fees like this for electronics and so I always try to make sure I factor that in to the final total before determining if it is a good deal. At this rate, someday we will have to pay a disposal fee for anything that comes in a wrapper too huh? Almost makes me wish that stores have to display the actual final price tag of the item as opposed to one before taxes and all. Would make things a lot easier.

Trying To Find Last Minute Reviews

Monday, April 7th, 2014 by

Today while shopping I saw that there was a bundle of coconut water on sale and it sounded like a reasonable deal. The problem was I had no experience with this particular brand and since it was a bundle of six one litre packages it would be a waste if I didn’t actually like it. Therefore, my first reaction was to go online and attempt to find user reviews of the product.

This made me think how this is like the new way that many people decide on whether or not to buy your products or services. There have been a few occasions over the week where I have seen other people and businesses do the same when they are looking for some kind of third party solution. Kind of shows you the importance of investing in social media in general and trying to make sure as many people as possible put out a good word for you huh? Of course this can mean more fake reviews too and so you need to try and screen those out.

Maybe I should find like some kind of mobile community for things like this. It would be very handy.

Such High Prices At A Health Store

Monday, March 24th, 2014 by

I was looking for some apple cider vinegar today and it seems like most of the information I was reading was saying that the products can most commonly be found at health stores. So I naturally looked up some local places. My first reaction was how expensive the prices seemed. And yes, I did factor on how the products may be of a higher quality. However, I was looking at packaged items that can also be found in other supermarkets.

It made me wonder if the high prices is due to the expected audience where people normally don’t want to put a price on their health and are willing to invest a lot of money for food products. So as a result the prices are based on what people are willing to pay. No issue with that of course where in most cases you have to be willing to pay more for quality. But when the exact same item can be found elsewhere for like 30% less it should make you wonder. Guess shopping at specialty stores mean premium pricing as well.

Buying The Furthest Product

Friday, March 21st, 2014 by

I thought this was funny today.  When I stepped into the super market there were these bins that were selling some chocolate candy at an extremely cheap price.  These were candy that were inside plastic cases too.  Regardless, there was a swarm of people trying to take advantage of the deal while at the same time they were sorting through it as if you were looking for some good fruit in the produce section.  I was just thinking, does it really make a difference for these types of items?

I don’t even think these had a best before date label on it as well.  So it makes me wonder if this was simply a habit in buying the regular grocery items for example.  It is useful for saving money in many cases.  But for things like say a toy figure it does make me wonder when people insist in buying like the far back one.  This candy example was kind of hilarious when an employee would bring in like a new palette of the product.  Everyone would be like stalking him and once he placed it out it was an all-out war of people sifting through the candy to get the deeper ones.  Even the security guard couldn’t help but chuckle.

How Much It Takes To Pay Off That Membership Fee

Thursday, March 20th, 2014 by

Today a person brought me into Costco as they recently purchased a membership which costs about $100 a year which surprised me as for the most part the grocery bill and such is just for himself.  I thought this would be a good opportunity to check out the prices of various items as comparing the prices of a membership store versus a non-membership store always seems to spark a debate.  For the most part everything seemed as usual where some prices were better than say what you would find at a regular supermarket and some weren’t.

I then saw some almond milk that I have recently bought from the supermarket.  I pay about $2 for each normally and at Costco it seemed like they were selling it in packages of six for about $11.22.  So you save like 13 cents each.  The reaction I got at first was how this was an example on how you can save a lot of money.  I was then thinking, what happens though if you really break it down and factor in the membership fee?

If I was to buy nothing but almond milk for example, with a 13 cent saving and factoring in the current “debt” you have of paying the $100 that means you need to buy 769 cartons of almond milk to break even with the membership.  That really gets you thinking.  Let’s say on average you would go through two packages a week.  With 52 weeks in a year that means you would go through 104 cartons which costs $208.  With the other route it would be $194.48 which is a yearly savings of $13.52.  Of course if you add on the membership it doesn’t look very good.

So even if the item is slightly cheaper, for the most part you really have to make sure that you genuinely need to buy a lot of items to make it worthwhile in this type of example.  It seems like many people ignore that part or though.  There was one good example of when it does make sense.   I saw these replacement brush heads for the Sonicare toothbrush where most stores sell a pair for like $35.  In this Costco I was at you could buy a pack that had like eight of them for like $40.  Like with that it can make a lot of sense to get the membership as one purchase pretty much puts you on even ground right away without having to go out of your way.  Just need to add up those numbers to make the best decision.