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Asking Friends And Family To Do Work

Sunday, February 10th, 2013 by

Kind of interesting today as there was a discussion about secret shoppers and how companies spend a lot of money contracting third parties to help evaluate the business and its employees. At first I asked what company they used and funny enough I was told they didn’t use a company but rather they simply asked friends and family members to drop by when they have time to give them feedback. This wasn’t a mom and pop shop type of operation too as the company itself has divisions all over the world.

In many ways I suppose it can make sense as your friend or family member can technically be like any other customer. Although the biggest issue would probably be the they most likely wouldn’t know all the questions to ask employees to know if they are on top of their game or not. At the same time asking friends or family to do it can probably make people feel weird as if you aer simply getting free labor.

Although it is an option though that many people simply overlook if you are looking to save money from hiring a third party to evaluate your business. I know for like myself if I had a friend’s business that was say in the same mall that I am going anyways I wouldn’t mind dropping by and relaying any feedback that I saw. Sometimes yo just need to ask.

Interesting Sales Associate Characters

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012 by

This was new to me. Today I went to the mall and my dad was looking for hiking shoes where we ended up in a Zellers store. There he saw a bunch of shoes lined up and as well throughout the store there were these signed that said 25% off all athletic shoes. Therefore, he thought this meant the hiking shoes as well. An associate who appeared to be in her sixties or so then came by and so he asked if the shows were indeed on sale.

In a rather cranky voice she at first said no and that it was only for a particular line up of shoes. Afterwards my dad asked her how come these hiking shoes weren’t a part of the sale too. This was kind of surprising and funny I thought as her answer in a cranky voice was that there are sales on those at times but that we just never go to “her” store when there is a sale. Eventually we went to look at another place.

The first thing that came to mind was how I remembered about the news that these stores were going to be taken over by Target and so maybe she was just not trying as she figured whats the point. It’s kind of funny though as you always hear stories about “interesting” customers all the time but I guess in this business it’s the other way around. Sure makes you wonder if they even invest in any kind of say secret shopper program to see how the associates interact with people. At least it was something new for me as this is the type of stuff you expect to only see in movies or TV shows.

Secret Shopping

Wednesday, February 9th, 2005 by

This year, I have decided to try mystery shopping as it has always sounded interesting to me. Not only would it be a new experience as I’ve never really went shopping just for the sake of evaluating customer service, but for some reason I have seen so many ads recently on the Internet regarding how you could make so much money doing this and figured that there is only one way to find out.

My first project is to visit various fast food restaurants and then provide feedbacks about it. After reading about the details to perform the task, time wise it seems very flexible as I have one month to visit various places and can choose times at my own convenient to do so. Compensation wise, it is definitely nothing to brag about from what I have seen. In fact, I would be losing money with this assignment as they do not reimburse me for the meals that I buy. I’m sure different companies work differently, but for now my initial impression is that it is more worthwhile for people that want to do something on the side for fun.

Long term wise, if it turns out that I find it enjoyable without it conflicting with my schedules, I will probably seek out bigger projects as I can definitely see it fitting into my lifestyle. At worst, maybe I’ll be better at finding bargains at various places which will help the “save money to make money” aspect in my life.