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Waiting For Those Repeat Sales

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 by

I was going to register a domain a few weeks back but at the same time I was not in any rush to do it. This would normally cost about $10 which isn`t that much overall. However, I know for a fact companies in this space usually have sales that pop frequently in an effort to remain competitive. As a result, I waited.

Sure enough, today I saw the prices for the domains drop back to the sale price of 99 cents a year. Pretty big savings huh? This is a lot easier to anticipate if you shop at similar places all the time as you tend to find out which items frequently go on sale to better determine if you should wait or not. I find this is especially useful for cutting down the grocery bill as you will then know when it is a good time to stock up too as oppose to thinking say a flyer sale item means that price won’t be that low again for a long time.

Saving Money Without Thinking

Thursday, March 6th, 2014 by

Ever since I opened and installed this new printer the duplex printing option has been super convenient. As well, many times I would print the documents on multiple pieces of paper on the old printer. However, with this feature it pretty much does it for me and I was starting to think how it essentially helps me to save money without requiring me to do anything more.

I was trying to think of some other items that help me save money in a similar fashion. The main thing I thought of was all the energy efficient items I have where if you find a good deal for something that is just as good as an energy guzzling counterpart then it will pay for itself handsomely down the road. I know when shopping we usually only look at the price tag that is in front of us, but keeping in mind if the item will help you save money in other aspects where it requires you to do nothing is an important part of keeping your hard earned dollars as well.

Almost Wanting The Item To Break

Monday, February 24th, 2014 by

During boxing day I bought this new all in one printer as I definitely needed a new one and it was a good deal. I was going to switch it as soon as the toner finally dies out on my current printer. It’s definitely going though as the prints are all smudged as if there is a lack of toner. I don’t use it for letters that I need to send people but rather things like needing a physical copy of a receipt.

The thing is still going it seems and the funny thing is in my mind I am almost in the mindset of a “just run out already.” I know most people would just toss the thing right away, but this is just one of these example where I always try to use everything up before it gets recycled. Just feels wasteful otherwise. I am not that bad though like how some people will “accidentally” break a belonging to buy a new updated model.

Seeing How Easy It Is To Do Taxes Yourself

Sunday, February 9th, 2014 by

My friend was telling me how she was having a horrible day today as she went to get her taxes done where it was a scheduled appointment. Apparently the person she was given was rushing her a lot and was extremely disorganized to the point where she decided to just do it herself with the free electronic filing options that are available online.

At first she was worried she would mess up but then she mentioned that there is no way she could mess up as bad as the guy that was helping her. After going through everything she found out that she was actually owed more money and was surprised at how easy it is. This so true I think as a lot of people think this kind of stuff is rocket science when it really is simple to do on your own. If any, if you are paying people to do it I think it should be more for time reasons. Try it yourself at least once I say.

Being Afraid of A Price Match Rejection

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014 by

This was interesting as today a person told me that they saw a price for an item at one store that was so much cheaper than the store she usually goes to. The other place was way too far away though so going there wasn’t an option. I then asked why she doesn’t simply request for a price match since the company had a policy for it. Surprisingly, she simply said it was so much cheaper that they won’t honor it and she doesn’t want to deal with the possibility of rejection in trying to do it.

Who would have thought that people are actually afraid of requesting for the price matches as the worst case scenario is they say no and you simply buy it elsewhere. I guess maybe many take it a little too personal? For myself I usually use this as a way to evaluate the integrity of the business too and whether or not I would want to say shop there. If anything, if they do accept the price matches then I am more likely to do more business with them. As they say too, you don’t know if you don’t try.