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Using Unorthodox Tools That Can Achieve The Same Result

Friday, July 18th, 2014 by

This was funny I thought as I am in the midst of working on a fun project with a person where we felt that doing some pre-production planning would help a lot in terms of deciding exactly what kind of angles are needed for a film. While there are options such as using expensive software specifically for this purpose, he mentioned that he could use this free video game where you can create objects and record video as if you are a camera and use that as a reference.

As silly as that sounded, it actually works for what we needed. Many times when you think about it, a lot of our tools and resources can be used for more than what it is labelled for. In fact, sometimes there are items that are literally the same thing but are labelled differently for marketing purposes. I’ve seen things as silly as regular batteries simply saying “for use with” certain products and businesses sell it for a premium price as a result.

These are the types of things that usually a child would have an easier time with when it comes to using things for other purposes than intended. Sometimes we all need to think like that.

Do You Unplug Electronics To Save Money

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014 by

I saw a segment on the news today on how apparently we are using so much electricity due to the increase use of electronics. One point that was brought up as well was how we tend to leave a lot of our electronics on in a sleep mode which still technically uses up power. So the question is, do you unplug your electronics when they are not in use?

I have always had a habit of doing this where even for simple items like my computer modem I would unplug it or shut the power bar off whenever I don’t intend to use it. Funny enough, I developed this habit not so much because I knew that it would continue to use electricity, but usually if you keep these items on they generate heat or have factors such as a light will always be on. So to make it easier I simply turn off the power.

I really don’t understand why people leave items like their computer on sleep mode if they don’t intend to use it for hours. This is almost like the kind of thing where we all need something visual to tell us how much money we are wasting to get one to not do something anymore.

Shopping One Day Before The New Flyer Day

Thursday, June 5th, 2014 by

When it comes to general household essentials I find that I usually do a lot of my shopping either on a Thursday or a Friday.  The reason is that usually new flyers and sales come out on a Friday here and that means the previous sales are over on a Thursday.  So this kind of puts you in a good position to take advantage of essentially two weeks of sales.

As an example, maybe this week there are carrots that are sale for a very good price.  Upon looking at the upcoming flyers I know that the grapes will be at least 50% cheaper the very next day.   So with this knowledge I can plan my purchases appropriately to get the best deal.  I know most people would not do this as many people simply want to make one trip to the supermarket for the week and that’s it.

I just find that usually translates to very little savings if any if you go with that route as even from a business point of view usually the point of a sale is to get you in the store where those items could act as a loss leader.  They then hope that you will buy other things at regular retail price where the business will make back those losses and more.    So if you really want to save money this is a little extra effort to save a lot of money that adds up over time.

Waiting For Those Repeat Sales

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 by

I was going to register a domain a few weeks back but at the same time I was not in any rush to do it. This would normally cost about $10 which isn`t that much overall. However, I know for a fact companies in this space usually have sales that pop frequently in an effort to remain competitive. As a result, I waited.

Sure enough, today I saw the prices for the domains drop back to the sale price of 99 cents a year. Pretty big savings huh? This is a lot easier to anticipate if you shop at similar places all the time as you tend to find out which items frequently go on sale to better determine if you should wait or not. I find this is especially useful for cutting down the grocery bill as you will then know when it is a good time to stock up too as oppose to thinking say a flyer sale item means that price won’t be that low again for a long time.

Saving Money Without Thinking

Thursday, March 6th, 2014 by

Ever since I opened and installed this new printer the duplex printing option has been super convenient. As well, many times I would print the documents on multiple pieces of paper on the old printer. However, with this feature it pretty much does it for me and I was starting to think how it essentially helps me to save money without requiring me to do anything more.

I was trying to think of some other items that help me save money in a similar fashion. The main thing I thought of was all the energy efficient items I have where if you find a good deal for something that is just as good as an energy guzzling counterpart then it will pay for itself handsomely down the road. I know when shopping we usually only look at the price tag that is in front of us, but keeping in mind if the item will help you save money in other aspects where it requires you to do nothing is an important part of keeping your hard earned dollars as well.