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Cyber Monday Advertisements Already

Sunday, October 12th, 2014 by

I thought this was a little premature as there are already advertisements here for Cyber Monday events in an effort to entice people of upcoming sales. I think the main reason is that the event usually follows on the first Monday after Thanksgiving and here in Canada the holiday is this month. When it comes to Cyber Monday though virtually every place here follows the American Thanksgiving day schedule.

I guess it’s good as a consumer where this reminds you to hold off on big purchases if possible as big sales are bound to happen soon. It must not be good for the business though as it discourages people from making purchases now unless the deals are truly hot. Too bad I did make some big purchases already due to various events taking place way before these sales.

Taking All Risks In Making A Sale

Friday, August 29th, 2014 by

I thought this was kind of funny the other day as there was this sign plastered near the location of the annual fair here. As you can see, there was an individual that was selling bottled water on the street with a sales pitch on how inside the fair you would be looking to pay at least $3.50 whereas this person is charging $1.


I was thinking how you normally need some kind of permit to street vendor like this. Especially being right next to the fair itself where I am sure the merchants inside wouldn’t be too happy about it. Almost like a person going up to a movie theatre and advertising right next to the door on how he can sell the same soda for less. However, I would assume that this person simply decided to take the risk hoping nobody would care and that he would end up making a decent profit. Almost like setting up a lemonade stand.

Kind of ironic in some ways where I’m sure in most business types of books you are told to go through all the proper procedures to do business. In cases like this it’s not too far fetch that a lot of people get started this way even if it isn’t technically abiding by standard rules. Would you take the risk in not getting say licensed to sell your products in these types of scenarios with the mindset that you are so small that no one cares?

Being The Only Fighter

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 by

I was reading about this dispute that the Dish Network had with the WWE as a result of the company launching its own online network where people could watch pay-per-views for extremely less money. As a result, it makes subscribing to the program on the Dish network seem expensive. As a result, they threatened to not carry any of the WWE programing and it appeared that they acted on that threat. However, that was short lived as they have agreed to carry the next event.

What stuck out to me was a comment on how they were the only company that acted against their displeasure and as a result their protest was ineffective and mostly just resulted in them having losing revenue. That is so true in so many cases where while we are all taught to take the high road and go against decision where you feel will have a negative impact in the greater scheme of things, in many cases a business is just killing itself if it doesn’t simply go with what the majority of the crowd is.

It’s almost like a swallow your pride situation huh? Of course that is not to say that one person can’t change a lot as they can. However, in examples like these sometimes the fight is way too small to do on your own.

Waiting For Those Repeat Sales

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 by

I was going to register a domain a few weeks back but at the same time I was not in any rush to do it. This would normally cost about $10 which isn`t that much overall. However, I know for a fact companies in this space usually have sales that pop frequently in an effort to remain competitive. As a result, I waited.

Sure enough, today I saw the prices for the domains drop back to the sale price of 99 cents a year. Pretty big savings huh? This is a lot easier to anticipate if you shop at similar places all the time as you tend to find out which items frequently go on sale to better determine if you should wait or not. I find this is especially useful for cutting down the grocery bill as you will then know when it is a good time to stock up too as oppose to thinking say a flyer sale item means that price won’t be that low again for a long time.

A Good Deal That Is Still Too Expensive

Saturday, January 25th, 2014 by

So I decided to look at that shopping channel stuff that I mentioned the other day. I looked at what this big sale was supposed to be for and interesting enough it was for a high end blender. Apparently the original price for this Vitamix blender is supposed to be like $795 and the sale price is now $579.


I was thinking I guess the savings sounds pretty significant and I was in the market for something like that. However, that price tag is simply too high I felt. I feel in these cases I don’t understand the product and its benefits enough to justify the price tag as I know a lot of people would normally just accept the fact that if it is priced that high then it must be good. In my mind, all I know is that I would be blending some basic stuff and at a price that high makes it seem weird.  Maybe someone else who was looking for a deal on this specific product will want to buy it instead.